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Gene offers several books and tapes that help to reinforce the concepts taught in classes as well as train your team.



This book is the "corporate version" of The Prayer of Jabez, the best-seller written by Bruce Wilkinson with worldwide sales of nearly 12 million copies. Each chapter of Jabez, Inc., contains examples of business people and personal experiences to illustrate the five elements of the prayer (1) abundant blessings, (2) enlarged territory, (3) God's hand of guidance, (4) protection from evil and (5) prevention of causing pain. Readers are invited to become members of the Jabez, Inc. workforce. The book concludes with a spiritual strategic plan, modeled from one used in corporate strategic planning, and a ten-point comparison of typical corporate operations and Jabez, Inc.

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JABEZ, Inc. Double CD Pack

The unabridged narration of Jabez, Inc., the "business" version of the best-seller The Prayer of Jabez, by Author Gene Swindell.  The two CD pack offers more than 2 1/2 hours of examples of business people and the author's personal experiences in the corporate world to illustrate the five elements of the prayer found in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10.  Listeners are invited to become members of Jabez, Inc. workforce to utilize their skills and abilities and receive God's blessings.

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The New ABCs of Success

A practical step-by-step method to change your life! Endorsed by many leading business executives, Author and Speaker Gene Swindell outlines ways to lead a balanced life for anyone to be more and achieve more.


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Professional Telephone Tips

Here's the hot booklet everyone is talking about! Your message on the telephone is comprised of 84% voice tone and 16% words -- body language is eliminated. Author and speaker Gene Swindell offers useful tips on how to communicate more effectively on the telephone.

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Audio CD's

Here's your opportunity to get consistent, top-quality training for pennies-a-day. Gene's recordings are specially designed for individual and team learning.

  • Each CD contains practical ideas in concise segments identified with musical tones
  • Specially designed for individual and team learning
  • Live sitting in the seminar room

Dealing with Difficult Customers

One of the most critical moments in delivering extraordinary service is when customers are difficult to please.  Difficult customers range from voicing their displeasure in a blustering outrage to those who just need assistance but don’t follow instructions or they’re confused.  Service experiences with difficult customers can be frustrating, challenging and nerve-wrenching.  But --- they are still our customers and deserve the same standard of service as everyone else.

Gene Swindell looks at ten of the most difficult customers and how to deal with them.  You’ll be able to quickly identify the characteristics of each difficult customer and learn how to be more proactive in your interaction with them.

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Customer Service is Your ONLY Business

What business are you in? You’ve been asked that question countless times and your answer is probably …sales, banking, retail, manufacturing, computers, healthcare, insurance, restaurant or any number of other businesses you might be in.  Sorry. Wrong answer!

You are in the Customer Service business. If you didn’t have customers, you wouldn’t have a job. In fact, you would be unemployed. Your knowledge and skills of how to perform your job might be extraordinary but you must also know how to keep customers loyal and dedicated.. Customer Service is your ONLY business.

Gene Swindell offers tips and techniques that work in today’s marketplace where customer demands are constantly changing. His focus is on how to create happy customers.

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Communicating with Your Customers

In the cycle of delivering service to customers, there are countless times when you communicate with them through face-to-face conversations, by telephone, email or written correspondence. Each of these communication experiences is a “moment of truth” to customers when perceptions are formed and the degree of satisfaction is determined. In this training program, Gene Swindell presents communication techniques to establish excellent rapport with your customers.

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Professional Telephone Skills

When you communicate with someone face-to-face, 55% of your message is transmitted through body language, 38% in your tone of voice and 7% in words spoken.  On the telephone, body language (facial expression, eye contact, posture, etc.) is eliminated.  Your message on the telephone is comprised of 84% voice tone and 16% words.  It’s not what you say … it’s how you say it!

This training program is for anyone who communicates on the telephone.  Gene Swindell offers techniques that produce greater efficiency and a more professional image.

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Quality Leadership

This six audio tape album answers the toughest questions facing managers and supervisors today. Speaker and trainer Gene Swindell, known as the Voice of Change™, explains how to be more effective and productive in your role as the change leader of your organization. You will learn how to analyze strengths and struggles in your team members; how to build a high-performance team; work through conflict and confrontation; solve problems using a six-step formula, and to motivate your team without manipulation.

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Training Topics


25 Topics, Customized, to Give Your Organization the Competitive Edge!

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“Many thanks for the outstanding seminar you led with our Regional Sales Managers. We’ve already seen results from the ideas and techniques you presented. I want to bring you back for our spring meeting.”

-Rob Whorley
National Sales Manager
Philips Consumer Electronics



We could not have chosen a better speaker for our Finance and Accounting meeting.  I have heard  nothing but excellent comments about your presentation.  Your message was right on target for our employees.”

B.L. Fackler
Senior VP-Finance
Atlanta Gas Light Company








































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